September 22, 2014  
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Multi-PanelSeries 6  
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Painted 8/17/06, 20 X 24 sides with a 16 X 20 center.  This painting has received more comments and compliments than any of the other multiple panel paintings.  The blue color spread, on the right canvas, is so liked by others, that it is missed if I use some other color.  Another outer space view as it transports you into those other dimensions rarely available to humans.  There is much power evident in the apparent motion on this canvas.  Some viewers do not care for, or understand, the holes in the canvases.  To me, the holes are part of the power transmitted to canvas.  Any of the multiple panel series can be enhanced by back lighting; in fact, we are in the process of designing a light box frame.  With the back lighting, the holes turn into bright stars and planets.

Price: $2095

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